Travel Plans

Do you want to make original New Year’s resolutions? We advise you to include more travel plans in your 2019 agenda. “Travelling is living more lives”, “Travelling is the only thing that you buy and enriches you more”… There are infinite phrases that extol the benefits of travelling the world and discovering new places! That’s why we’ve asked travel bloggers to tell us about their new travel challenges for the next 12 months. Let the experts advise you, pick up ideas and travel more and better!

A good tip to improve your trips and do it responsibly with yourself and your pocket, is to leave with a travel insurance. Buying one before you leave will be useful if you need medical attention at the destination, if your flight is delayed, if your luggage is lost or if you have to cancel or interrupt your trip, among other incidents, being able to face these setbacks avoiding the costs involved. If your New Year’s resolution is to travel more and better, saving, don’t hesitate to take out an annual travel insurance, which will cover all the trips you make during the year.

My New Year’s resolutions: new routes to continue travelling the world”.

A few months ago I wrote about the best and the worst of the 43 countries I have visited so far and, reviewing my impressions, I realise that the trips that have generally marked me the most have been those that have involved getting behind the wheel.

Without a doubt, I love the relaxing stays of a few days in lost paradises and, of course, the weekend getaways consisting of kicking the centres of big cities such as Paris, Lisbon or New York. However, I believe that taking a long drive is one of the best ways to discover a country.

I remember with special affection a trip through California, leaving San Francisco, crossing the Big Sur and ending in Los Angeles. Also a journey through the still unknown Sultanate of Oman that included hours of solitary desert driving, as well as a route along the winding roads of the Faroe Islands.

So, as a traveler, my New Year’s resolutions are to discover new routes to continue touring the world. I am already working on a route through the south of the United States with an end in New Orleans, as well as another trip by car, at my own pace, through Morocco.

A summer trip with the whole family: with the girl and our pet.

At this time we began to think about our New Year’s resolutions in terms of travel. And by 2019 we already have some trips closed and others in mind that we will surely carry out.

The first of them will be in March and we are going to Japan for 10 days. Aria has already boarded a plane 4 times, but this time it will be her first long trip by plane. We believe that Japan is an ideal destination for traveling with babies and children.

Another trip we have almost prepared is for the summer season.

We will make a road trip and in this trip our dog Atila will accompany us. We will depart from Madrid and travel through France, Belgium and Holland for 20 days. These are exceptional countries to travel with dogs and children, so we have no doubt, this will be our summer trip with the whole family.

“Two or three road trips through Australia, following our van spirit.”

We will start the new year in Australia, so the New Year’s resolutions will be to culminate our experience of life in the antipodes with two or three road trips, following our van spirit. New challenges join our own of having started a life from zero to the other given of the world far from everything.

We are excited about the Great Ocean Road, 243 km of wagon bordering the southeast coast of Australia, for its history, its beauty, and of course for that picture so typical of the cliffs of the twelve apostles. We’re also looking forward to the road trip through Cairns, northern Australia, where you can discover the great barrier reef, the world’s largest coral reef, as well as feel the wilderness in the cradle of crocodiles. The third would be to make a long trip to the heart of Australia, crossing the desert to reach Allers Rock, one of the largest monoliths in the world. Passing through Coober Pedy, the city where its inhabitants live underground due to the high temperatures.

It looks like 2019 is going to be too short for so many routes and places we want to see here, but we hope not to be left with the desire!

“This year we have a new challenge, to do our part to reduce unnecessary plastic consumption.

When asked about our New Year’s resolutions, the challenge is to choose one. Although our list of outstanding destinations is long, one that is followed by our heads and that we find really special is to be able to see the dancing lights of the north, the northern lights. The place where we will go to see them is yet to be defined, but one of our options is Swedish Lapland, very close to the Arctic Circle. Legend has it that “the Valkyrie warrior Virgins flash with their armor on their way to the celestial fields”. Will we get a chance to see them?

But it’s not just about more travel, it’s about doing it in the form of responsible tourism. This year we have a new challenge, to do our part to reduce the consumption of unnecessary plastic. That’s why we’ll start with a small gesture, like always carrying a reusable bottle on our trips. We know that this is not enough, but by becoming aware you can change habits that will help, but to improve the environment, not to spoil it any more.

An escape of friends to Bulgaria practicing the slow travel”.

At the end of 2018 I am proposed to collaborate with to dream more or less concrete destinations that await me next 2019.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to visit Bulgaria for the first time, a country that has caught my attention since I read reports about the wonderful monasteries and churches that can be visited there and that belong to the UNESCO Heritage.

It will be an escape of friends, of those in which laughter is present and serves as therapy, as well as travel. As an art historian converted into a creator of specialized and professional content in this field of cultural travel, Bulgaria is an ideal destination. It allows you to move around in a few days to get to know even one of the many riches it treasures.

I don’t know if it will be very cold, because it will be in February; I suppose we will return exhausted and loaded with photos and memories. The retina replete with singular places and many ideas to write on the blog and tell on the radio.

My travelling challenge for 2019 will be to have the time and the health to enjoy new places, to visit other already known places and to think in “slow”, in that way so mine to enjoy the moment, trying to take away burdens and disconnecting of the daily thing.

“One of the travelling purposes that we have been postponing for years is a good road trip around Europe”.

After a 2018 in which we were able to visit a destination to which we were very eager, as was Japan, in this 2019 we would like to stay more at “home”. One of the purposes of the travellers that we have been postponing for years is a “good” road trip around Europe.

The truth is that we have made several car trips in France (Brittany, Normandy, Midi-Pyrénées), Germany and Austria. But all of them separately and in one-week trips. But our idea is a much longer car trip that takes us to several destinations in Europe. So this 2019 should be the year in which we make our desired car trip that will take us through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Italy.

One of the “strong points” of this trip will undoubtedly be to travel by car regions such as Tuscany or Provence. In between we hope to visit beautiful cities and corners of Holland and Belgium, as well as return to places in Germany and Austria that we left pending on other car trips. And of course, discover the small and beautiful country of Slovenia.