The best tips for road travel this summer


The car is the preferred mode of transport for Spaniards to travel by road during the holiday period. On average, each vehicle travels about 500 kilometres to reach the chosen holiday destination; and the motorway is the most commonly used route, due to the speed and comfort it offers us.

In this article we are going to give you some tips to make your road trip as pleasant as possible.

Get the car ready:

The first step before starting your road trip is to take the car to the workshop for a check-up. It’s probably in good condition and there’s nothing to do, but it’s better to be safe than having to call the crane because you’ve had a problem halfway through.

If in any circumstance it is very annoying that the car leaves you lying around, when you are going on holiday, and you have a full trunk, the discomfort is maximum. Vacations are for relaxing and being calm, and for this the best thing is to anticipate the possible problems and to avoid them.

Apart from the technical aspects of the vehicle, it is also important to check that all documentation is in order. It also takes, in an easy place to locate the telephones that can be important in case the car gives you some problem.

If the car breaks down in the middle of a motorway, it is not safe to stay in the vehicle for too long, the easier it is to find the insurance documentation, triangles and vests, the quicker you can get to safety and begin the steps to solve the problem.

If you are going to travel abroad by road, remember that customer service telephone numbers are different. Remember, too, to carry the documentation that the destination country requires for vehicles going beyond its borders. Keeping all this in mind before you leave by car will save you problems when you arrive at your destination.

Get a good night’s rest before you start driving:

This seems obvious, but on many occasions, last-minute preparations or the excitement of going on holiday don’t give us a good rest. It is important to get enough sleep before going on a road trip. Eat well, but not copiously, stay hydrated during the trip and take breaks every two hours.

If you travel in the high season of vacations, you will find many people in the route and it is important to go with the five senses well alert to avoid unnecessary scares. If more than one person is driving in the car, it is important to agree what the driving shifts will be in order to avoid later conflicts. Even though you enjoy driving and feel safer when you have the wheel, you must give the position to other people to rest.

But it’s not just people who are going to drive who need to be rested. It is important to maintain the good atmosphere inside the vehicle that the companions are also well and are not irritable due to lack of sleep or rest. Needless to say, if you are going to travel in a car with children, they must sleep the night before the trip, otherwise, they will become heavy and generate a lot of stress to the driver.