Safe business travel?

Travelling is a pleasure. A popular, familiar and widespread saying. There is no doubt about that.

But perhaps some think that it can only be applied to leisure travel, the trips we make during holidays, with family or friends. That’s when we enjoy it, have a good time and hope the problems are non-existent. That is to say, we hope that they will be a pleasant experience.

But, for many of us, business travel is part of our day-to-day business. We are going to sell our products or buy from increasingly remote and globalized suppliers. We attend congresses and fairs. Or simply a convention of the company itself has decided to convene its staff at the other end of the continent.

In this case, it is likely not to expect a particularly pleasant experience. These are professional matters. But, at least we want everything to go well and we can return with the objectives fulfilled. We don’t want problems. What is more, we do not want unforeseen events. And if they do arise, we want an agile and, if possible, quick solution.

We want safe business trips and now, all companies can have a business travel insurance that allows to resolve any unforeseen. the business travel insurance that offers more and better coverage at the best price.

And we take this opportunity to tell you that will take you, through its blog, articles and various collaborations on the world of business travel. We started, as it is usually said, from the beginning.

So, we can ask ourselves a question. Is a perfect business trip possible?

Yes, it is. In fact, what we want on a business trip is very simple, especially if we compare it with the complex logistics that means moving the family, including children! We want to avoid unforeseen events. And that’s why business trips are planned. As much or more than leisure travel.

Exactly, to avoid unforeseen events as much as possible, we plan!

They are trips that sometimes arise from one day to the next. You have to close an agreement or meet a potential client. And you have to do it quickly. Therefore, to begin with, it is basic that we have all our own documentation in order so that the trip does not end before starting or we have to pass a first ordeal in the police office at the airport. Passport, ID card, driver’s license… everything in order and without a near expiration date.

And where do we go? We have been told the country, but it is the first time and we do not know much about it except the ones we could read in a magazine on the last return trip. From the simplest and most common sense, such as the type of adapter for the necessary plugs or vaccines, to which they can decisively influence our goal, to know the customs of the people of the country to which we travel. Because customs and culture will also be present during our dealings with the customer interested in our product: timetables, lunch or a simple greeting in the local language.

And how are we going to go? We will always carry luggage. Always present but never completely valued. Let’s avoid surprises, let’s look for comfort. No one wants to pay overweight or have problems with cabin luggage. And if we take product samples, will they go with us? Choosing luggage that is easy to transport is essential. Clothes, and everything we need during a period that may be short but intense should be valued and organized. Choose well, organize better and place perfectly.

And once there? Unless the company has some kind of special agreement, you have to choose the hotel well. In a little-known country, in an unknown city, having the hotel away from the client or the convention center can become an obstacle. What’s more, if there is something unforeseen on the part of the client and there is a delay in the meeting, it is necessary to know to what extent we are staying in a hotel with flexible rates.

And yes, without a doubt, it is necessary to make sure that the Wifi is free, that there are meeting rooms in the same hotel or near. And if we are not in the hotel, and our tool is the computer, we will have to be connected and in each country the subject can change.

Although lately the nightmare of “roaming” is on the right track, you can not forget that not all countries play on the same field. And since the computer is our tool for connecting with the rest of our professional world, let’s not forget that everything is in the cloud and that we may need to access an account, service or storage from a protected account. Install password managers, antivirus, digital certificates and activate the location … all essential.

Don’t let some unforeseen event arise…

And this is where we can end up saying that everything we have recommended should follow to the letter, but that if it is done we cannot guarantee anything either. If something unforeseen happens, we must have, yes or yes, business travel insurance.

To feel protected from any problem and to travel calmly. No more, no less. The product must be contracted with the best cover, adapted, appropriate and personalised to our needs, with the necessary flexibility and that it is not an administrative ordeal. With an easy and constant contact with the company and at a reasonable price.