Holidays in Sardinia: our travel itinerary

If you read our previous post about our ferry trip to the fabulous island of Sardinia, you probably wanted to know more about our trip there. Well, if you keep reading this post, you’ll find out which places we visit when we arrive, what are our tips to make the most of your trip, and finally, the beach of Sardinia that we liked the most of all the ones we were on.

But before continuing to tell you all that, we have thought about summarizing some recommendations we made a week ago in our previous post and that you must take into account if you travel to what is the second largest island in the Mediterranean:

  • Keep the boarding ticket well, it also serves as a magnetic key to the cabin!
  • Can I take my car to the island? With it’s free!
  • If so, check the vehicle’s size limits.
  • Fill up the tank before leaving, as it is cheaper and bring GPS.
  • Take everything that is essential from the car before getting into the cabin, since you can not get out to the garage during the journey.
  • Bring food and water when boarding the ferry.
  • Walk around the island on the inland roads, as you will find less traffic.

Having said this, we put you in situation in case you have not yet read our previous post: we arrived in Sardinia in the morning, and given that the entrance to the apartments in which we were going to stay was not until 20:00h, we had to decide what we were going to do.

An almost obligatory stop on the way to L’Alguer

If you are wondering what to do from good morning until the time indicated to check in at your accommodation, we recommend you start the itinerary of your trip to Sardinia in the following way.

The first stop is L’Alghero (also known as Alghero in Italian). It is the capital of the island, a charming place of narrow streets, squares with typical island architecture and a unique atmosphere. This city is only 35 minutes drive south. When you least expect it, you’ll be there!

However, we recommend a little detour and visit Capo Caccia, one of the main tourist attractions of the island, located very close to L’Alguer. This impressive cape is formed by majestic cliffs, rocked by the intense roar of the sea and about 656 steps that take you to a very special corner.

It is the famous cave of Neptune, a cave which, according to estimates, has existed for more than 10 million years. The access ticket can be purchased at the entrance for 12 € and is valid for one hour. As a matter of curiosity: it is said that marine seals used to live together, but have become extinct over the years. Attention! The entrance closes at 5 pm.

We’ve reached L’Alghero!

After 20 minutes by car, we arrived in the capital of Sardinia. We thought we couldn’t fall more in love with the island after visiting Capo Caccia but… yes it was possible!

The first thing we did when we got out of the car was to look for a place to satisfy our appetite. To eat? A good dish of pasta typical of the area accompanied by seafood called fregola and panne guttiau, a kind of fine bread traditional of the island.

On the other hand, in front of the marina there is a small tourist train that makes a small journey through the city. Before leaving, remember to take some souvenirs in the streets of L’Alguer. However, make sure you compare prices well, as there can be a considerable difference in price between one place and another.

Well, once we’ve visited the entire northwest part of the island, we head towards the Costa Smeralda, in the northeast of Sardinia. After being well accommodated, we lie quietly in our beds and rest to make the most of the next day.

Beach day and visit to Porto Cervo

After recovering from the journey and the first day of travel, we take the opportunity to go to the east coast of Sardinia and see if the beaches of the island deserve such fame. Once we stepped on its sand and contemplated the incredible transparent blue of its waters, we understood the reason for its popularity.

In fact, although the water was a little cool, we could not resist to put on our swimsuit and give us a good dip :-P. And by the way, since it was an ideal temperature, we decided to lie down in the sand for a while to see if we took something of color and thus give envy to all our colleagues when returning to the office ;-P.

After lunch, we decided to visit Porto Cervo, one of the main cities of the island and capital of the Costa Smeralda. Close to Olbia, this coastal municipality is characterized by its marina, where you can find luxurious yachts and shops. It reminded us a lot of Marbella!